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Innovation Zone — Combined stand of «smart» clothing and PPE

At Techtextil Russia 2021, Russian startups and large companies demonstrated their achievements in the field of smart clothing and PPE. The exposition consisted of:
  • "IceRock" jacket and half-jumpsuits for a wide range of tasks in the Arctic, rescue and expeditionary activities by POLAR WIND;
  • l Super-Warm Clothing Set Up to -95C by Bask;
  • l Protective clothing for the oil and gas industry with Gore-Tex® membrane technology by Technoavia;
  • l «Smart» sweatshirt and jacket based on printed electronics technology by Warmr;
  • l Sensor Suit that enhances the effectiveness of sports training by MyoFit;
  • l Winter jacket created of multifunctional strong fabric MULTIFORCE FR by Textime.