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ULTRASTAB factory was built in 2015 in the place of the highest concentration of textile competences in Russia - Ivanovo region. The best professionals of the country produce more than 40 types of woven fabrics, grids and geocomposites from polyester and polypropylene on the newest equipment of Dornier, Rifa, Starling.

Ultrastab guarantees customers a manageable quality of goods: meeting shipment deadlines, market price of the manufacturer and unwavering attention to all inquiries. In addition to direct production, it offers complete solutions related to the use of geosynthetics - from the design and development of products to individual customer requirements to the delivery of materials to facilities and training in laying technology.

The company produces 7 million m2 of geotextiles per year and is one of the five leading Russian companies in this field.

✨ Look for the booth of Ultrastab and other reliable suppliers of geotextiles at technotextil exhibition in Expocentre, Moscow, September 20-22.